Kurfürstengalerie Kassel

Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH conducted the due diligence on this commercial property in Kassel’s city centre in preparation of its purchase in 2014. Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH also coordinated the purchase negotiations on behalf of the buyer, Demire AG. The property has a retail / hotel focus, and was acquired as a share deal.

The Kurfürstengalerie is located in the city’s prime retail area between Königsplatz and Lutherplatz, and has a total usable area of around 21,500 sqm.

After the Best Western Hotel, the second-largest tenant of the property is the casino, Kurhessische Spielbank Kassel, with an area of around 1,900 sqm. The existence of the casino has a positive effect on the sustainability of the leases. Retail, offices and medical practices occupy almost half the total area, with a small share (4%) reserved for residential use.

Because of its inner city location, there are positive coupling effects for businesses in the Kurfürstengalerie while they also benefit from. The property’s close proximity to the main junction of the bus / tram network.

Facts & Downloads

Client: Demire AG
Rented aeria ca. 21.500 m2

Kurfürsten-Galerie Kassel