A great team for success

Thomas Bergander is a partner and managing director of Taurecon. He embraces the challenges of ever more complex project developments – though not on his own, but with his competent team. Architects, civil engineers, planners, controllers, landlords, project developers and many other specialists contribute their vast knowledge and expertise, all share responsibility for the developments.

Prepared for new challenges

The Taurecon team consists of around 20 dedicated employees with outstanding knowledge of the market, who also excel in overcoming difficult situations. One focus of their work is the real estate industry. To be a part of modern urban planning and to develop professionally, many specialists from well-known companies are drawn to Taurecon, thereby strengthening the team.

Expertise in asset management

A certified economist, Thomas Bergander has many years of experience in the real estate industry, in the purchase and asset management of real estate, as well as in project development. Taurecon also provides this range of services. In recent years, their financial experts have supported transactions with a market value of more than 1 billion Euros.


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