Goal-oriented project development

Developing visions for the cities of tomorrow, revitalising existing properties and building innovative urban districts – these are our passions. Founded by Thomas Bergander in 2013, Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH is a strong, determined and highly competent team dedicated to the project development of real estate.

Exceptional architecture and quality

Taurecon has many years of expertise in the development, planning and design of large urban districts, which it successfully implements due to its extensive network of partners and service providers. The company combines sustainability in development, high-quality architecture, excellent construction and above-average quality – without compromise. Examples of major projects include the Quartier Heidestrasse in Berlin’s Europacity and the Hufewiesen project in Dresden, which is currently in planning.

Vibrancy and the Smart City

Taurecon’s project development comprises residential and commercial properties, particularly in the retail and office segments. They also use their wealth of experience and market knowledge to advise institutional and private investors on their project developments, supporting them and coordinating projects to completion. It unites a vision: Smart Cities in which life and work are fun and enjoyable.

Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH, Joachimsthaler Str. 34, 10719 Berlin, +49 (30) 2 0009 1434